Bar Work Area

Portable Bar Deployment

The full professional bar setup complete with High Society standards. Bartenders, shaking, stirring and unbeatable banter. Also comes with the with a little bit of attitude.


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Glassware Rental

A variety of glassware available for you to rent. Don’t need a bar but need a well polished swanky cup for your drinks? Just give us a call. To sum up, we’ll rent you the glassware without needing to rent anything else.



Tasting Sessions

Get an idea of what will be serviced prior to your event. Come down and enjoy the variety of creations made by high society. Of course, advance booking required as we may need a bit of time to pretty up the place for you.


WONDER Bespoke Menu

Bespoke Menu

Get a menu personalized to your liking. All you need to do is give us a direction and we’ll craft something unique. We can do just about anything from classics to brand new concoctions.




Personalize your bars with your logos. Get the bars to showcase your logo, design or even the person’s face you may wish to embarrass. Turn that boring white board into a stunning work of art.


Bar Work Area

Prebatch Cocktails

Looking for craft cocktails without the full bar setup? We’re able to bottle our cocktails for you to enjoy without the fuss of a full bar setup. Just let us know the drinks you want and we’ll turn it onto a 75cl for you.


Bar Work Area

Other Services

Do you have something in mind that you don’t see here? Shoot us an email or WhatsApp us! We’re open to exploring new ideas.